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Investment Transformation Program

Do you want to MAKE MONEY in the STOCK MARKET??

Before you INVEST your HARD-Earned Money it is important to have right kind of KNOWLEDGE.

We at PRECISION TECHICAL ANALYSIS PVT LTD are pioneers in the field of financial education.

More than 1 lakh students have become successful Investors and Traders with the knowledge gained through our practical training sessions.

Our stock market workshop, Technical Analysis workshop are designed in such way where we make sure that a Fresher, investor and trader learns it practically and trade safely & successfully.


INVESTOR TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM is one of our best programs.

It’s a complete 1-year program empowered with PROFISION software.

This program is designed with 2 days technical analysis training session at venue or online + 10 days online practical session + 1 year implementation of PROFISION software.



Information at a glance:

2 Days you will have to attend training session ONLINE & you will earn AIM for PROFIT.

Mandar’s Aim strategy

  •  A=Analysis

  •  I=Implementation

  •  M=Monitoring

UNIQUE FEATURES about Workshop:

• You learn theories modified by Author Mandar Jamsandekar

• You learn 2 new price patterns invented by Author Mandar Jamsandekar

    o Trend Change breakout 

    o Listing breakout

What you get in this program -

  • 2 workshops

o Basic of Stock Market

o Advance Technical Analysis Workshop

  • 1 Software

o PROFISION-EOD (1 year subscription)

  • FREE Refresher Course for lifetime



1. Stock Analysis,

2. Index Analysis

3. Chart Updates

4. Money Opportunity Updates

5. Learning Updates

6. Query Solving

On mobile application or on WhatsApp & on his Youtube channel

Register yourself for this workshop today!

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